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Index to Chiropractic Literature
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Friday, July 19, 2024
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DC Tracts: Win 2022(34:4): 2-6 27792 Cone beam computed tomography discoveries in chiropractic practices: Developmental anomalies and acquired conditions
  • Littrell TA
DC Tracts: Win 2022(34:4): 6-8 27793 Assessment of cervical pain
  • Hildebrand J
DC Tracts: Win 2022(34:4): 8-9 27794 Neuropathic pain of the face and head
  • Muir B
DC Tracts: Win 2022(34:4): 9-10 27795 Fortifying the Patient Health Record, part 2: Physical examination
  • Gleberzon BJ
DC Tracts: Fal 2022(34:3): 2-5 27788 A new look at the myofascial pain syndrome
  • Hammer W
DC Tracts: Fal 2022(34:3): 5 27789 Physical therapy as a compliment to chiropractic care
  • Kinslow C
DC Tracts: Fal 2022(34:3): 6 27790 Densification of the deep fascia
  • Stecco A
DC Tracts: Fal 2022(34:3): 6-7 27791 Fortifying the Patient Health Records, part 1: Patient history
  • Gleberzon BJ
DC Tracts: Sum 2022(34:2): 2-6 27784 Cone beam computed tomography discoveries in chiropractic practices: Incidences of three conditions in a six-month period
  • Littrell TA
DC Tracts: Sum 2022(34:2): 6-7 27785 Musculoskeletal sonography for the practicing chiropractor
  • Mattox R
DC Tracts: Sum 2022(34:2): 7-8 27786 Curves ahead! Imaging of scoliosis
  • Haun DW
DC Tracts: Sum 2022(34:2): 8-9 27787 Information security management of Patient Health Records, part 2: Storage, protection and destruction
  • Gleberzon BJ
DC Tracts: Spring 2022(34:1): 2-4 27187 Workers' compensation provider, beware!
  • Crafts G
DC Tracts: Spring 2022(34:1): 4 27188 Opportunities for chiropractors within the workers' compensation system [audio lectures]
  • Young M
DC Tracts: Spring 2022(34:1): 5 27189 Psychosocial barriers and work disability prevention [audio lecture]
  • Young M
DC Tracts: Winter 2021(33:4): 2-4 27184 Professional qualities supporting interprofessional collaboration in chiropractic
  • Salsbury SA
DC Tracts: Winter 2021(33:4): 4-5 27185 Integration of chiropractic care into multidisciplinary settings from a chronic pain management perspective [audio lecture]
  • Lewis K
DC Tracts: Winter 2021(33:4): 5-6 27186 Interdisciplinary care: Benefits, barriers and opportunities [audio lecture]
  • Mattox R
DC Tracts: Fall 2021(33:3): 2-4 27181 Home behavioral theory in public health and clinical practice
  • Evans W
DC Tracts: Fall 2021(33:3): 4-6 27182 Motivational interviewing in clinical care and manual medicine [audio lecture]
  • Evans W
DC Tracts: Fall 2021(33:3): 7-8 27183 Public health agendas and advocacy [audio lecture]
  • Madigan D
DC Tracts: Summer 2021(33:2): 2-5 27178 Degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis: Assessment and management [case report]
  • Ammendolia C
DC Tracts: Summer 2021(33:2): 5-6 27179 Lumbar spinal stenosis: The biopsychosocial perspective [audio lecture]
  • Schneider M
DC Tracts: Summer 2021(33:2): 6-7 27180 Differential diagnoses to consider with individuals presenting with degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis [audio lecture]
  • Mathers S
DC Tracts: Spring 2021(33:1): 2-6 27175 Emerging role of chiropractic in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain in the elderly
  • Srbely JZ
DC Tracts: Spring 2021(33:1): 6-7 27176 Helping our patients age well: Evidence-based strategies [audio lecture]
  • Killinger LZ
DC Tracts: Spring 2021(33:1): 7-8 27177 Balance and the older patient [audio lecture
  • Gleberzon BJ
DC Tracts: Winter 2020(32:4): 2-6 27172 The use of spinal manipulative therapy in pediatrics: Clinical effectiveness and modifications to care
  • Gleberzon BJ
DC Tracts: Winter 2020(32:4): 6-7 27173 Evidence-based approach to chiropractic care for the pregnant and post-partum populations [audio lecture]
  • Draper C
  • Weis CA
DC Tracts: Winter 2020(32:4): 7-8 27174 Chiropractic management of colic [audio lecture]
  • Bhogul SO
DC Tracts: Fall 2020(32:3): 2-5 27169 What is trigger point dry needling?
  • Bond BM
DC Tracts: Fall 2020(32:3): 5-6 27170 Regenerative medicine: Regenerate, revitalize, renew [audio lecture]
  • Sanna M
DC Tracts: Fall 2020(32:3): 6-7 27171 Physical therapy as a complement to chiropractic care [audio lecture]
  • Kinslow C
DC Tracts: Summer 2020(32:2): 2-7 27166 Slipping and sliding: Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis and lumbar instability
  • Haun DW
DC Tracts: Summer 2020(32:2): 8-10 27167 Inflammatory spondyloarthropathy: A review [audio lecture]
  • Battaglia PJ
DC Tracts: Summer 2020(32:2): 10-12 27168 Congenital anomalies: Radiographic findings and clinical significances
  • Littrell TA
DC Tracts: Spring 2020(32:1): 2-7 27162 Diagnosis of muscular injuries with diagnostic ultrasound
  • Yochum AM
DC Tracts: Spring 2020(32:1): 7 27163 Relative energy deficiency in sport [audio lecture]
  • Stainsby B
DC Tracts: Spring 2020(32:1): 7-8 27164 Dorsal scapular nerve and shoulder function [audio lecture]
  • Muir BJ
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