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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2022(45:6): 448-458 27468 Neck strength in coronal and sagittal head movement in military pilots and aircrew with chronic neck pain: A systematic review with meta-analysis
  • Miranda IF
  • Neto ESW
  • Dhein W
  • Brodt GA
  • Loss JF
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2022(45:5): 346-357 27358 Reliability of cervicocephalic proprioception assessment: A systematic review
  • English DJ
  • Zacharias A
  • Green RA
  • Weerakkody N
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2022(45:3): 179-187 27141 Evaluating differences between participants with various forward head posture with and without postural neck pain using craniovertebral angle and forward shoulder angle
  • Mostafaee N
  • HasanNia F
  • Negahban H
  • Pirayeh N
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2020(19:1): 96-100 26513 Remission of primary headache associated with sexual activity in a woman after chiropractic spinal manipulation: A case study [case report]
  • Sommerseth O
  • Chaibi A
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2020(1:2): 1-15 26426 Improvement in plagiocephaly, cervical range of movement, primitive reflexes, and subjective parental feedback in an infant co-managed with chiropractic care and helmet therapy: A case report and review of the literature
  • Doyle M
J Clin Chiropr Pediatr: Nov 2019(18:2): Online access only p 1582-1585 26006 Resolution of unilateral breast-feeding preference and reflux in a 14-week-old infant with a preferred head position following chiropractic care: A case report
  • Beardsley K
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Aug 2019(63:2): Online access only p 100-110 25901 The effect of posture on neck proprioception and head/neck stabilization in asymptomatic participants / [Effet de la posture sur la proprioception du cou et la stabilisation tête/cou chez des participants asymptomatiques]
  • Smith DL
  • Haug MJ
  • Walsh MS
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2019(42:3): 195-202 25862 Influence of forward head posture on myotonometric measurements of superficial neck muscle tone, elasticity, and stiffness in asymptomatic individuals with sedentary jobs
  • Kocur P
  • Wilski M
  • Goliwąs M
  • Lewandowski J
  • Łochyński D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2018(41:9): 762-770 25635 Analysis of head posture and activation of the cervical neck extensors during a low-load task in women with chronic migraine and healthy participants
  • Florencio LL
  • Ferracni GN
  • Chaves TC
  • Palacios-Cena M
  • Ordás-Bandera C
  • Speciali JG
  • Grossi DB
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas C
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2018(62:3): Online access only p 182-192 25387 Conservative management of femoral anterior glide syndrome: A case series / [Traitement conservateur du syndrome du glissement antérieur de la tête fémorale: série de cas]
  • Grant C
  • Pajaczkowski JA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2018(41:6): 530-539 25277 Effectiveness of therapeutic exercise on forward head posture: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Sheikhhoseini R
  • Shahrbanian S
  • Sayyadi P
  • O'Sullivan K
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2018(41:1): 34-41 25090 The effects of forward head posture on neck extensor muscle thickness: An ultrasonographic study
  • Goodarzi F
  • Rahnama L
  • Karimi N
  • Baghi R
  • Jaberzadeh S
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2017(16:3): 220-229 24985 Association between forward head, rounded shoulders, and increased thoracic kyphosis: A review of the literature [review]
  • Singla D
  • Veqar Z
J Chiropr Med: Jun 2017(16:2): 131-138 24895 Photogrammetric assessment of upper body posture using postural angles: A literature review [review]
  • Singla D
  • Veqar Z
  • Hussain ME
J Chiropr Med: Jun 2017(16:2): 163-169 24899 Validation of the OptoGait System for monitoring treatment and recovery of post-concussion athletes
  • Engelson MA
  • Bruns R
  • Nightingale CJ
  • Bardwell KM
  • Mason CA
  • Tu S
  • Nelson L
  • Butterfield SA
Chiropr J Aust: 2017(45:1): Online access only p 63-72 24820 Alleviation of radiculopathy by structural rehabilitation of the cervical spine by correcting a lateral head translation posture (-TXH) using Berry translation traction as a part of CBP methods: A case report
  • Berry RH
  • Oakley P
  • Harrison D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2017(40:1): 1-10 24662 Effects of a resistance and stretching training program on forward head and protracted shoulder posture in adolescents
  • Ruivo RM
  • Pezarat-Correia P
  • Carita AI
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2015(23:32): Online acces only 7 p 24186 Wearing American football helmets increases cervicocephalic kinaesthetic awareness in “elite” American football players but not controls
  • McCarthy PW
  • Hume PJ
  • Heusch AI
  • Lark SD
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2015(59:3): Online access only p 300–310 24171 What is the pain source? A case report of a patient with low back pain and bilateral hip osteonecrosis [case report]
  • Minkalis AL
  • Vining RD
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2015(38:6): 416-424 24147 Head-trunk kinematics during high-velocity-low-amplitude manipulation of the cervical spine in asymptomatic subjects: Helical axis computation and anatomic motion modeling
  • Dugailly PM
  • Sobczak S
  • Van Geyt B
  • Bonnechère B
  • Maroye L
  • Moiseev F
  • Rooze M
  • Salvia P
  • Feipel V
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2015(38:3): 167-178 24031 The effect of adding forward head posture corrective exercises in the management of lumbosacral radiculopathy: A randomized controlled study [randomized controlled trial]
  • Moustafa IM
  • Diab AA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2015(38:1): 74-80 23907 Intrarater and interrater reliability of photographic measurement of upper-body standing posture of adolescents
  • Ruivo RM
  • Pezarat-Correia P
  • Carita AI
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2014(13:3): 196-202 23725 Bilateral idiopathic osteonecrosis of the femoral head: A case report with an emphasis on differential diagnosis, imaging, and treatment [case report]
  • Battaglia PJ
  • Gliedt J
  • McDaniel C
  • Kettner N
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2014(37:6): 433-440 23637 Activation of rectus capitis posterior major muscles during voluntary retraction of the head in asymptomatic subjects
  • Hallgren RC
  • Rowan JJ
  • Bai P
  • Pierce SJ
  • Shafer-Crane GA
  • Prokop LL
J Pediatr Matern & Fam Health - Chiropr: Spring 2014(2014:2): Online acces ony p 14-20 23612 Resolution of torticollis, plagiocephaly and breastfeeding difficulties in an infant following subluxation based chiropractic care [case report]
  • Tutt GM
  • Mesidor RG
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2014(37:4): 253-259 23421 Longitudinal changes in ventral and dorsal neck muscle layers during loading against gravity in healthy volunteers using speckle tracking
  • Peolsson A
  • Peolsson M
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2013(36:9): 619-625 23124 Reliability of the craniocervical posture assessment: Visual and angular measurements using photographs and radiographs
  • Gadotti IC
  • Armijo-Olivo S
  • Silveira A
  • Magee D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2013(36:5): 310-318 22905 Immediate changes in masticatory mechanosensitivity, mouth opening, and head posture after myofascial techniques in pain-free healthy participants: A randomized controlled trial
  • Heredia-Rizo AM
  • Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A
  • Rodríguez-Blanco C
  • Piña-Pozo F
  • Luque-Carrasco A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2013(36:1): 27-32 22762 Assessment of intrasubject reliability of radiographic craniocervical posture of asymptomatic female subjects
  • Gadotti IC
  • Magee D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2012(35:6): 446-453 22465 Immediate effects of the suboccipital muscle inhibition technique in craniocervical posture and greater occipital nerve mechanosensitivity in subjects with a history of orthodontia use: A randomized trial
  • Heredia Rizo AM
  • Pascual-Vaca AO
  • Cabello MA
  • Blanco CR
  • Pozo FP
  • Carrasco AL
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2012(35:4): 308-318 22365 Influence of different upper cervical positions on electromyography activity of the masticatory muscles
  • Ballenberger N
  • von Piekartz H
  • Paris-Alemany A
  • La Touche R
  • Angulo-Diaz-Parreño S
J Pediatr Matern & Fam Health - Chiropr: Fall 2009(2009:4): Online access only 7 p 20778 Improvement in forward head posture, cervical lordosis, and pulmonary function with chiropractic care, anterior head weighting and whole body vibration: A retrospective study
  • Morningstar M
  • Jockers D
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2009(53:3): 158-164 20689 Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) detected in a chiropractic office: A case report [case report]
  • Emary P
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2009(32:5): 387-390 20587 Chiropractic management of a patient with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo [BPPV]: A case report
  • Nørregaard AR
  • Lauridsen H
  • Hartvigsen J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2009(32:3): 193-202 20517 Head repositioning accuracy and posturography related to cervical facet nerve blockade and spinal manipulative therapy in healthy volunteers: A time series study
  • Palmgren PJ
  • Lindeberg A
  • Nath S
  • Heikkilä H
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2009(32:3): 210-215 20519 Video analysis of sagittal spinal posture in healthy young and older adults
  • Kuo YL
  • Tully EA
  • Galea MP
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2008(31:7): 547-552 20237 Undershooting of a neutral reference position by asymptomatic subjects after cervical motion in the sagittal plane
  • Hallgren RC
  • Andary MT
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2007(10:4): 187-194 19874 A cross-sectional study of the prevalence of neck pain, decreased cervical range of motion and head repositioning accuracy in forwards and backs in rugby union
  • Gemmell H
  • Dunford PJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2007(30:2): 124-129 19463 Validity of a computer postural analysis to estimate 3-dimensional rotations and translations of the head from three 2-dimensional digital images
  • Cailliet R
  • Harrison DD
  • Harrison DE
  • Janik TJ
  • Normand MC
  • Perron DL
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2006(9:4): 195-196 19341 Neck pain, sensorimotor control and chiropractic [Poster presented at the 1st College of Chiropractors’ Research Conference, 16th June 2006, BMA House, London, UK]
  • Swait G
Chiropr J Aust: Jun 2006(36:2): 46-50 19066 Femur head height error on AP pelvic x-rays with alterations of source-to-image distance, central ray position and object-to-film distance
  • Bull PW
  • Slane PR
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2006(29:2): 100-106 18689 Improvement after chiropractic care in cervicocephalic kinesthetic sensibility and subjective pain intensity in patients with nontraumatic chronic neck pain
  • Heikkilä H
  • Luendqvist FJ
  • Palmgren PJ
  • Sandstrom PJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2005(28:6): 393-401 18333 Cervical muscle response to head rotation in whiplash-type right lateral impacts
  • Kumar S
  • Ferrari R
  • Narayan Y
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Mar 2005(49:1): 32-39 17981 Knowledge and application of correct car seat head restraint usage among chiropractic college interns: a cross-sectional study
  • Taylor JAM
  • Burke J
  • Gavencak J
  • Panwar P
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Jun 2004(48:2): 137-141 16994 Avascular necrosis of the hip in a 41-year-old male: A case study [case report]
  • Karim R
  • Goel KD
Clin Chiropr: Mar 2004(7:1): 3-4,49-52 16841 A 49-year-old female with a 6-month history of hip pain: case presentation [and] case discussion
  • Wessely M
Eur J Chiropr: 2003(48:2): 52 19113 Cervicocephalic kinaesthetic sensibility (head repositioning accuracy) is not altered in patients with chronic, non-traumatic cervical spin pain [conference abstract]
  • Bagust J
  • Rix GDW
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 2003(9:1): 23-29 17341 A REVIEW OF TRAUMA-INDUCED AVASCULAR NECROSIS
  • Brahee DD
  • Kettner NW
  • Foshang TH
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2003(26:3): ONLINE ACCESS ONLY9P 16270 Unresolving hip tendonitis leads to discovery of malignant tumor
  • Farrar KL
  • Gardiner L
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2003(26:2): Online access only e11 (4 p) 16246 The stubborn hip: idiopathic avascular necrosis of the hip
  • Pajaczkowski JA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2001(24:3): 183-190 15347 Intraexaminer and interexaminer reliability for palpation of the cranial rhythmic impulse at the head and sacrum [clinical trial]
  • Moran RW
  • Gibbons P
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2001(24:5): 327-330 15326 Errors in precise examiner head placement during cervical range-of-motion measurements
  • Chen J
  • Lantz CA
  • Solinger AB
  • Greenstein JS
  • Kleiner DM
J Sports Chiropr & Rehabil: Dec 2000(14:4): 105-110 14969 Guidelines for the pre-hospital management of the spine-injured athlete
  • Greenstein JS
  • Kleiner DM
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2000(23:1): 20-26 14659 Standardized initial head position in cervical range-of-motion assessment: reliability and error analysis
  • Chen J
  • Lantz CA
  • Solinger AB
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 1999(22:8): 540-544 516 The potential role of brain asymmetry in the development of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A hypothesis
  • Dabrowska A
  • Kedzior K
  • Niesluchowski W
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 1999(22:1): 26-28 430 The ability to reproduce the neutral zero position of the head
  • Christensen HW
  • Nilsson N
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 1999(22:2): 91-95 439 Changes and implications of blood flow velocity of the vertebral artery during rotation and extension of the head
  • Li YK
  • Lu CM
  • Zhang YK
Top Clin Chiropr: Mar 1998(5:1): 1-10 1665 Back to basics... Anatomy of the cervical spine with respect to head pain
  • Cramer GD
J Neuromusculoskelet Syst: Fall 1998(6:3): 130-137 1094 Syncope provoked by head movement
  • Bergmann T
  • Cleveland A
  • Conley R
  • O'Reilly A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 1995(18:7): 448-452 3992 Comparison of leg length inequality measurement methods as estimators of the femur head height difference on standing X-ray
  • Rhodes DW
  • Mansfield ER
  • Bishop PA
  • Smith JF
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 1994(2:1): 12-14 5637 FEMORAL HEAD AVASCULAR NECROSIS
  • Firth R
  • Marchiori D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 1994(17:9): 573-583 4830 Motions of the head and thorax during neck manipulations
  • Triano JJ
  • Schultz AB
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 1993(16:1): 37-42 6391 Idiopathic osteonecrosis of the hip
  • Thorkeldsen A
  • Cantillon V
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 1993(16:1): 43-46 6392 Osteomyelitis of the femur head in a pediatric patient [case report]
  • Pokras R
  • Tsuno M
  • Calimag L
  • Factor J
  • Bolton JE
  • Jepsen L
  • Oestreich AT
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 1989(12:3): 228-230 10195 Avascular necrosis of the femur head [case report]
  • Fried NR
  • Gerow G
  • Kent C
Dig Chiropr Econ: Jan-Feb 1989(31:4): 82 10657 THE SUBLUXATION OF THE FEMUR HEAD
  • Kippenbrock FJ
Dig Chiropr Econ: Sep-Oct 1986(29:2): 128 13011 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FEMUR HEAD IN PELVIC DISORDERS
  • Romano JR
  • Nook BC
  • Rowe LJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Dec 1980(3:4): 220-224 25783 An integrated video biofeedback / Moire system for diagnosis and treatment: A preliminary report
  • Spector B
  • Finando S
  • Fukuda F
  • Wilson S
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 1979(2:2): 85-92 25756 The Moire Contourographic analysis controversy: A question of validity in present-day clinical practice
  • Eilbert L
  • Spector B
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