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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2022(2:5): 4 27044 X-ray evaluation: A clinical huddle.
  • Elbert R
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2017(40:9): 700-707 25037 Accuracy of a radiological evaluation method for thoracic and lumbar spinal curvatures using spinous processes
  • Marchetti BV
  • Candotti CT
  • Raupp EG
  • Oliveira EBC
  • Furlanetto TS
  • Loss JF
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2016(39:3): 210-217 24424 Symptomatic, magnetic resonance imaging-confirmed cervical disk herniation patients: A comparative-effectiveness prospective observational study of 2 age- and sex-matched cohorts treated with either imaging-guided indirect cervical nerve root injections or spinal manipulative therapy
  • Peterson CK
  • Pfirrmann CW
  • Hodler J
  • Leemann S
  • Schmid C
  • Anklin B
  • Humphreys BK
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2014(37:9): 667-677 23819 Assessment of scoliotic deformity using spinous processes: Comparison of different analysis methods of an ultrasonographic system
  • Koo TK
  • Guo JY
  • Ippolito C
  • Bedle JC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2014(37:9): 688-695 23823 Comparison of 2 methods of measuring spine angular kinematics during dynamic flexion movements: Skin-mounted markers compared with markers affixed to rigid bodies
  • Howarth SJ
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2012(15:3-4): 135-146 22775 Accuracy and repeatability of sagittal translation of lumbar vertebrae in vitro and in vivo using quantitative fluoroscopy
  • Van Loon IHM
  • Mellor FE
  • Breen A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2012(35:8): 645-656 22593 Reliability and measurement error of 3-dimensional regional lumbar motion measures: A systematic review
  • Mieritz RM
  • Bronfort G
  • Kawchuk G
  • Breen A
  • Hartvigsen J
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2011(10:1): 18-24 21624 Computer modeling of selected projectional factors of the 84-in focal film distance anteroposterior full spine radiograph compared with 40-in focal film distance sectional views
  • Coleman RR
  • Lopes MA
  • Suttles RA
J Chiropr Educ: Spring 2009(23:1): 40-46 20494 Educational research in action. The implementation of virtual instruction in relation to X-ray anatomy and positioning in a chiropractic degree program: A descriptive paper
  • Rush PO
  • Boone WR
J Chiropr Educ: Fall 2008(22:2): 138-144 20305 Conventional microscopy vs. computer imagery in chiropractic education
  • Cunningham CM
  • Arzelere ED
  • Arar I
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2007(30:6): 450-455 19684 Reliability and normative database of the Zebris cervical range-of-motion system in healthy controls with preliminary validation in a group of patients with neck pain
  • Cagnie B
  • Cools A
  • De Loose V
  • Cambier D
  • Danneels L
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2007(30:1): 38-43 19414 Development of a computerized intervertebral motion analysis of the cervical spine for clinical application
  • Cardin A
  • Martel J
  • Piché M
  • Benoit P
  • Lambert J
  • BarrettE V
  • Grondin E
  • Pare A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2005(28:6): 386-392 18328 Implications for the use of postural analysis as a clinical diagnostic tool: reliability of quantifying upright standing spinal postures from photographic images
  • Dunk NM
  • Callaghan JP
  • Lalonde J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2004(27:8): 533-534 18146 The reliability of quantifying upright standing postures as a baseline diagnostic clinical tool [letter]
  • Harrison D
  • Harrison DD
  • Betz J
  • Haas JW
  • Leclaire J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2004(27:2): 91-96 16518 The reliability of quantifying upright standing postures as a baseline diagnostic clinical tool
  • Dunk NM
  • Chung YY
  • Compton DS
  • Callaghan JP
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2003(26:2): 87-98 16244 Repeatability over time of posture, radiograph positioning, and radiograph line drawing: an analysis of six control groups
  • Colloca CJ
  • Harrison DD
  • Harrison DE
  • Janik TJ
  • Holland B
  • Betz J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2002(25:9): 550-555 16199 Is the sagittal configuration of the cervical spine changed in women with chronic whiplash syndrome? A comparative computer-assisted radiographic assessment
  • Kristjansson E
  • Jonsson H Jr
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2001(24:7): 445-448 15308 Reliability of lateral bending and axial rotation with validity of a new method to determine axial rotation on anteroposterior cervical radiographs [randomized controlled trial]
  • Coleman RR
  • Harrison DD
  • Harrison DE
  • Payne MR
  • Janik T
  • Holland B
CRJ: Fall 2000(7:2): 65-69 26201 Computer-aided analysis of paraspinal thermographic patterns: A technical report
  • Owens EF Jr
  • Stein T
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 1999(22:5): 309-315 476 Chiropractic biophysics digitized radiographic mensuration analysis of the anteroposterior lumbopelvic view: A reliability study
  • Harrison DD
  • Harrison SO
  • Troyanovich SJ
Todays Chiropr: Jan-Feb 1994(23:1): 44-46 5575 DIGITAL IMAGING: KEEPING X-RAY FILES IN YOUR COMPUTER
  • Echerer S
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 1993(16:4): 280 6151 Line drawing analyses of static cervical x ray used in chiropractic [letter; comment]
  • Owens EF Jr
  • Schultz FE
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 1992(15:7): 442-449 6803 Line drawing analyses of static cervical X ray used in chiropractic
  • Owens EF Jr
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Apr 1989(12:2): 113-119 10373 Evaluation and clinical significance of appendicular skeletal assessment by radiographic photodensitometry
  • Bland JS
  • Brooks DH
  • Kent DJ
  • Fisher WH
  • Bobb HD
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