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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Aug 2023(67:2): 117-126 27900 Relationship between backpack load location, sex, anthropometric and body composition factors with postural sway in healthy young adults
  • Smith DL
  • Walsh MS
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2022(45:5): 323-328 27355 Mattress coil spring fatigue and weight-bearing support: Comparison of weight-bearing and non–weight-bearing springs
  • Jacobson BH
  • Moghaddam M
  • Estrada CA
J Contemp Chiropr: 2022(5:1): 259-263 27483 Styles and features of backpacks used by chiropractic students
  • Bryson J
  • Bryson LB
  • Russell B
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2020(19:3): 175-180 26573 Kinesiotaping techniques to alter static load in patients with foot pronation
  • Guner S
  • Alsancak S
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2017(40:4): 284-292 24840 Effects of holding an external load on the standing balance of older and younger adults with and without chronic low back pain
  • Shigaki L
  • Vieira ER
  • de Oliveira Gil AW
  • Araújo CG
  • Carmargo MZ
  • Sturion LA
  • de Oliveira MR
  • da Silva RA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2016(39:9): 655-661 24594 Non-weight-bearing and weight-bearing ultrasonography of select foot muscles in young, asymptomatic participants: A descriptive and reliability study
  • Battaglia PJ
  • Mattox R
  • Winchester B
  • Kettner NW
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2015(38:2): 138-144 23920 Electromyographic analysis of training to selectively strengthen the lumbar multifidus muscle: Effects of different lifting directions and weight loading of the extremities during quadruped upper and lower extremity lifts
  • Masaki M
  • Tateuchi H
  • Tsukagoshi R
  • Ibuki S
  • Ichihashi N
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2014(37:8): 586-592 23677 Spinal height change in response to sustained and repetitive prone lumbar extension after a period of spinal unloading
  • Lazzarini M
  • Brismée JM
  • Owens SC
  • Dedrick GS
  • Sizer PS
Top Integr Health Care: 2014(5:2): Online access only 12 p 23559 Research. Supportive pad impact on upper extremity blood flow while wearing a military backpack
  • Ward J
  • Coats J
  • Murphy B
  • Devers S
J Clin Chiropr Pediatr: Mar 2014(14:2): 1156-1159 23462 Weight limit recommendation in backpack use for school-aged children
  • Lavigne V
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2012(35:5): 390-395 22414 Evaluation of changes in pelvic belt tension during 2 weight-bearing functional tasks
  • Arumugam A
  • Milosavljevic S
  • Woodley S
  • Sole G
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2011(34:8): 557-561 21970 Lumbar stenosis rates in symptomatic patients using weight-bearing and recumbent magnetic resonance imaging
  • Gilbert JW
  • Martin JC
  • Wheeler GR
  • Storey BB
  • Mick GE
  • Richardson GB
  • Herder SL
  • Gyarteng-Dakwa K
Clin Chiropr: Jun 2011(14:2): 79-80 21819 Lateral weight-bearing asymmetry – Pre and post chiropractic adjustment [Chiropractic Evidence 2011, The College of Chiropractors, London, 19 January 2011; meeting abstract]
  • Watkin E
  • Cunliffe C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2011(34:2): 114-118 21615 The reliability of the associate platinum digital foot scanner in measuring previously developed footprint characteristics: A technical note
  • Papuga MO
  • Burke JR
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2010(13:4): 253-260 21552 Comparison of the posture of school children carrying backpacks versus pulling them on trolleys
  • Schmidt J
  • Docherty S
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Jun 2010(54:2): 432-437 21351 The association of self-reported backpack use and backpack weight with low back pain among college students
  • Heuscher Z
  • Gilkey DP
  • Peel JL
  • Kennedy CA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2009(32:3): 210-215 20519 Video analysis of sagittal spinal posture in healthy young and older adults
  • Kuo YL
  • Tully EA
  • Galea MP
eJ Acad Chiropr Orthoped: Dec 2007(4:4): Online access only p 3-7 19966 Clinical pearl. Upright dynamic MRI [case report]
  • Demetrious J
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2007(10:4): 198-204 19876 To carry or to pull: A study to investigate the transport of a junior’s golf bag
  • Leigh RJ
  • Young DB
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2007(30:6): 438-449 19683 Three-dimensional manual contact force evaluation of graded perpendicular push force delivery by second-year physiotherapy students during simple feedback training
  • Van Zoest GGJM
  • Staes FF
  • Stappaerts KH
Todays Chiropr: Jul-Aug 2005(34:4): 60-61 18459 PRODUCT GUIDE: A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON MRIS
  • Leclaire J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2004(27:5): 306-313 17256 Immediate improvements in side-to-side weight bearing and iliac crest symmetry after manipulation in patients with low back pain
  • Erhard RE
  • Piva SR
  • Childs JD
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2004(27:1): 49-56 16506 The forces applied by female and male chiropractors during thoracic spinal manipulation
  • Herzog W
  • Suleman Z
  • Symons B
  • Forand D
  • Drover J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2003(26:9): 549-556 16493 Three-dimensionality of direct contact forces in chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy
  • Gosselin G
  • Van Zoest GGJM
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2003(26:1): 25-33 16213 Comparative analysis of low-back loading on chiropractors using various workstation table heights and performing various tasks
  • Lorme KJ
  • Naqvi SA
Chiropr J Aust: Sep 2002(32:3): 83-90 16777 EMG response to the human frame to wearing a backpack--A review
  • Pollard H
  • Vitiello AL
Chiropr J Aust: Sep 2002(32:3): 91-98 16778 Backpack design: The use of ratings of perceived exertion (Borg scale) - A review
  • Pollard H
  • Vitiello AL
J Am Chiropr Assoc: July 2001(38:7): 46+ 15250 WHEN QUASIMODO COMES IN SUBLUXATED...
  • Cooperstein R
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2000(44:4): 209-222 15173 The reliability and potential value of a specific 'centre of pressure locator' [COPL] in chiropractic practice
  • De Camillis D
  • Carr R
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 1999(22:4): 201-208 461 An analytical model of lumbar motion segment in flexion
  • Gudavalli MR
  • Triano JJ
J Am Chiropr Assoc: Feb 1999(36:2): 16-17 794 A weighty issue: Backpacks & back pain
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 1998(21:3): 212-213 1628 Normal response to large posteroanterior lumbar loads -- A case study approach [letter; comment]
  • Allen A
  • Lee M
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 1997(20:6): 369-371 2274 Normal response to large posteroanterior lumbar loads - A case study approach
  • Lee M
  • Latimer J
  • Maher C
Am Chiropr: Jan-Feb 1997(19:1): 29+ 2683 Weightbearing stance and postural stability
  • Charrette MN
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 1983(6:2): 67-70 25544 A critique of applications of the Euler equation to the human spine
  • Owens EF Jr
  • Schram SB
  • Hosek RS
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