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Monday, July 22, 2024
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Journal Title American Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
ICL Abbreviation Am J Chiropr Med
Source Carol Stream, Ill. : Mountain Spring Press
Status Ceased
Frequency quarterly
Peer Review Yes

The American Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (AJCM) ascribes to the proposition that all knowledge relating to the maintenance of health and treatment of disease is generically classified as ‘medicine’ and that such knowledge is applied by different health care professionals according to their respective clinical philosophies. Chiropractic physicians, while recognizing the role of other medical approaches to the maintenance of health and treatment of disease, generally utilize various conservative (drugless/non-surgical) procedures which, in addition to being specific therapies in themselves, are considered for their possible affect to the inherent recuperative resources of the body through neurovascular and/or some other cause-effect mechanisms. While not all-inclusive, the conservative procedures generally employed by chiropractic physicians (based upon appropriate diagnoses) include: specific (adjustive) and general (therapeutic) manipulations, nutritional management, psychological counseling and physical therapies (including electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, actinotherapy, therapeutic exercise, etc.). Within these parameters, the AJCM considers for publication original papers which deal with the theoretical concepts, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, education and professional activities, and other subjects which add to the broad spectrum of chiropractic knowledge.

Publishing History v.1, 1988-v.3, 1990
ISSN 0896-176X
Other Indexing MANTIS
Full Text Online
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